A Hero at Home and in Handbags - Stasher Storage Bags

My house is tiny, and therefore my kitchen is too.  For tableware, cookware, an appliance or a gadget to gain entrance, it needs to be practical, be multifunctional, and useful.  The moment I spotted Stasher Storage Bags I knew they would earn a space in one of my kitchen drawers.  

Harvey with aqua sandwich Stasher
Made of silicone, they are freezable, microwaveable, dishwasher safe, and sturdy. The MommyCon Shoppe is currently stock the sandwich size Stasher in clear and aqua, and the snack size in the Spoke and Tally prints. Besides being the perfect size for food, they're great for small toys, drawing supplies, snacks, Nerf darts, and whatever my son finds on his walks that he insists is treasure and absolutely not garbage.  


My handbag has two shoved in it, and I am confident that the pinch press seal is going to keep the contents contained. 

This is just the beginning of my collection. Start your collection here.